There are no in-person group classes running until further notice.

Yoga classes in E3 Weekly in Bow/Mile End, London E3 with Graeme


After 7 years, this class is having a break but watch out for some workshops until the classes return.

There are no upcoming events.

Just turn up - no need to book

How much? £10 suggested*

* Yoga should be accessible to everyone regardless of income. In order to cover costs, a suggested donation of £10 per class is suggested. But you decide based on what you can afford and how useful the class is for you.

Ways to pay
Square Card Reader

Card and contactless payments


including card payments


including card payments

Bank transfer

Ask for bank transfer details.

Please avoid cash where possible.

Where? 1 Merchant Street, Bow, London E3 4LY.

Entrance on Bow Road, next to Tesco. Easy walk from Mile End and Bow Road tube stations or Bow Church DLR station

line map showing location of e3 yoga
Class in Bow
Inside, showing the hall.
Arrow showing entrance to Bow Methodist Church Hall, Britton St
Entrance to the venue on Bow Road, next to Tesco Express.

Teacher? Taught by Graeme

I combine yoga teaching with work as a User Experience Designer/ Researcher and Product Manager. So I understand the need for balancing stressful work demands with the needs of the body and mind. I always try to maintain a yoga-based mindset as a tool for better living and working – a practice on and, mostly, off the mat.

Questions? FAQs

Do I need to bring any equipment? Are mats supplied?

Mats are available, as well as blocks, belts and blankets. You are of course welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Is the class suitable if I am pregnant?

The class, with some adaptations is suitable during the second trimester and the first half of the third trimester. However I recommend you go to a pregnancy specific class that can take you through all trimesters and into the post-natal phase.

I reommend Sarah Burgess who runs a class not so far away in Westferry close to the DLR station at Yoga Creation.

Do I need to register or book?

No, just turn up.
To save time when you arrive you can complete the very simple registration form (on Google Forms) before you arrive.

What is the typical class size?

Classes are generally small with a maximum capacity of 12. This is to make sure you have plenty of space and don't feel to close to the next person and to ensure you get and indiviudal support you need.

If you prefer to hide in a big class and feel you might be too visible in a smaller class, don't worry. The way the classes are taught aim to bring your focus inwards rather than outwards so you don't feel the need to compare yourself with others.


Are there any changing facities?

There are no dedicated changing rooms but there are separate male/female toilets and a disabled toilet. There is also a side room if you prefer. There is a coat rail with hangers just inside the hall.

How early can I arrive before the class starts? Can I speak to you before the class starts?

I aim to get there about 15-20 minutes before the class starts but this can vary depending on tube travel.

You are welcome to ask any questions before, during or after the class.

What happens if I am late?

Travel can be problematic I know, but late arrival is not ideal as it means your body and mind start the class in a more agitated state and you miss out on the initial activies to fraw your focus inwards and relax you. It is also disruptive to others in the class and can change the mood and energy of the room.

So generall, there is no admittace after the first 5 mins and the front door will be locked.

Once you become a regular, depending on the structure of the class, it may be possible to allow slightly later entry.

If you do enter late, come in as quietly as possible - go to change first and remove shoes/ outer garments before coming into the main hall.

How long has the class been running?

The class has been running for seven years in Bow.

It started on 20th October 2012 at St Paul’s Church Hall on St Stephen’s Road E3 5JL before moving to its current location on Bow Road on 24th January 2015.

I'm a complete beginner, is that ok? I'm not very flexible / fit will that be a problem?

Everyone is welcome with any level of fitness or experience. Yoga is ultimately about the mind after all. It's great that you are considering starting or restarting yoga. Take the step with an open mind!

I'm quite experineced with yoga / I'm teaching yoga or in training - will the class suit me?

This really depends what you are looking for from a class. I find that it's always useful to reflect on your own practice or teaching by experiencing other sources at least from time to time. Even if all feel that overall the class isn't for you, there is generally some ideas or insights that emerge that you can absorb into your practice. Feel free to contact me below to ask more if you need to. Teachers in training are welcome as full class participants but not as observers only.

What style of yoga do you teach? How demanding are the classes?

See the Class Flow section.


All levels welcome

The classes suit any level of experience. You can be a complete beginner, have lapsed for a while, seek to deepen your current practice or reflect on your own teaching. Everyone is welcome regardless of fitness or flexibility or prior yoga experience.


Drop in any time

No need to book, just turn up.

But it will save time when you come if you complete the very simple registration form (on Google Forms) before you arrive.

Class flow

Attento yoga classes combine breath-led movement (asana), yin-style long-stays, breathing (Prāṇāyāma), mindfulness/meditation and relaxation. Each class is different but has its own theme. It generally begins with some floor-based movement to stretch and release your body. This develops your focus on the connection between movement and breath. We then work towards the class theme through a series of postures or other practices. We finish up with some breathing, relaxation, meditation and occasionally some optional chanting or sound work.

It's a calm, relaxing environment for all abilities

How participants describe their own experience of class: