Attento Massage in London E1

Deep tissue and holistic/Swedish massage between Whitechapel and Stepney E1, near Mile End E3

Holistic/Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage

Firm but sensitive pressure as needed.

Tailored to your needs

You can choose to focus on specific area(s) of treatment or have an all-round well-being massage.

Booking, Availability and Prices

No payment required to book. Pay after the first session.


A full 60 min massage. Allow a few extra minutes afterwards for changing.

Pay as you goPay £350
Save £25
Pay £650
Save £100
24 hour cancellationTWO hour cancellation

A full 90 min massage. Allow a few extra minutes afterwards for changing.

Pay as you goPay £450
Save £25
Pay £850
Save £100
24 hour cancellationTWO hour cancellation

Express service so you can be in and out in just under an hour.

Pay as you goPay £275
Save £25
24 hour cancellation

30 minutes

Available only by prior agreement.
Not for the first appointment.
Price: 1x£45 / 5x£40.

+15 minutes / other durations

Add £15 for each additional quarter hour to the nearest duration price above.

Ways to pay

More details will be provided at your first session.

Square Card Reader

Card and contactless payments


including card payments


including card payments

Bank transfer

Ask for bank transfer details.

Please avoid cash where possible.


Graeme face

Graeme founded to offer holistic well-being through yoga and massage in 2006.

He combines his massage and yoga practice with his work as a Product Manager and User Experience Designer/Researcher. So he totally understands the stresses and strains of the modern work environment and how to cope with many competing demands.

Finding just the right pressure to release your tension without undue discomfort and providing some yoga-based stretching for self-maintenance between sessions where appropriate, are the hallmarks of a massage session with Graeme.


88 Mile End Road, London E1 4UN

London Transport LogoBetween Whitechapel and Stepney stations, above the Carlos Ishikawa Gallery. Google Map

  • The yoga / massage studio is self-contained but there is no dedicated waiting room. There is normally 15 minutes allocated after each session to allow for changing and cleaning so arriving a few minutes early is fine.
  • The studio is in a yard and has neighbouring businesses. It is generally quiet but you may occasionally hear some noise from these.

What clients say

Excellent massage and advice. I have had a few massages from Graeme this year and the effects they have had are amazing. The room is cosy and personnally I love the music choice. The massage itself is the best I have ever had and I never feel that I have to rush out afterwards. Graeme gave me some incredible advice on meditation and some recommended reading following my last massage which has actually had a huge positive effect on my ability to shut off and relax.

NIALL (NOV 4, 2014)

...extremely flexible in arranging an appointment. Once in the massage room, the atmosphere was relaxing and welcoming. He delivered a very professional and individualized massage. Graeme also took time to give me some good advices on stretching that are helping me now. Probably the best massage I ever had.

SONIA (4TH DEC 2013)

The atmosphere, the music, the treatment... Definitely an amazing experience! 100% recommendable!

DANIEL (DEC 24, 2014)

Benefit from massage and yoga experience

As Graeme is also a qualified yoga teacher so can suggest practices to help avoid tension build up between sessions.


Home-stretch suggestions

At the end of your massage, within your normal appointment time, some stretches based on yoga can be suggested for home practice to relieve symptoms between massages and, longer-term, reduce the need for massage.


Combined sessions

You may request to divide the time of your booking as you wish between yoga and massage. It is recommended to have a 90-minute session or longer for this.


Alternating sessions

Alternate, or choose each time, whether you would prefer a massage session or yoga session.

Common questions